Error: Quantity cannot be greater than 999

Updated on May 30, 2024

Full error name: “Quantity cannot be greater than 999


Etsy does not accept listings with inventory quantity larger than 999 items or units on any variation.

Therefore, if you have even a single SKU in a product with a larger stock, Etsy will reject your listing.

This is a common issue because some listings coming from Shopify or from eBay have inventory greater than 999, because sellers list self-made items of which they have virtual unlimited stock.


Set the maximum quantity setting inside the Etsy Publish settings ->

The maximum quantity setting determines the highest number of items that Nembol will list for each SKU on your Etsy store. For example, if you set the maximum quantity to 999, Nembol will not list more than 999 items of that SKU on Etsy, even if you have a higher quantity available.

A couple of notes:

  • This setting only applies to SKUs that have an inventory quantity higher than the limit you set in Nembol.
  • If the inventory quantity for a SKU in Nembol is lower than the maximum quantity limit you set, Nembol will not list any items for that SKU on Etsy.

If you have already listed products on Etsy through Nembol, those items will be edited to reflect the new maximum quantity limit you set. This means that any existing listings will be adjusted to match the new maximum quantity.